Friday, October 21, 2016

All Souls Vista

Made a new Crystal Skull Today for All Souls Vista however, I'll be unable to attend. But if you're down there Check it out! 

Working on a side project of Crystal Skulls

I've been spending a lot of time on these lately and hoping to direct some of my energy on creating a new jewelry line for my stores on Etsy, Bigcartel and Poshmark. I felt that these would make great jewelry displays for my work. They also each have their own unique personalities and look beautiful hanging from the walls of my home. Thought I'd share them with the world and they are now available for purchase on


Medusa Blue Pre-sale begins soon

Here she is in all her glory!! Complete and almost ready for her journey West. She took me 4 years to complete. She's seen nine different homes, in three different states and in spite of the countless days of distraction and upheaval I've finally managed to bring her to fruition. So awesome!! 

I have a couple weeks before I send her off for prints So, I will be doing some work on her in the background, fixing some minor details. But I thought I would share because this is a huge accomplishment for me! 

I know some of you expressed interest in purchasing a print. I'm keeping her true to size because, I couldn't imagine her any smaller. Nope. Archival GiclĂ©e prints will be 24"x 30" printed on high quality watercolor paper. I'm releasing a limited edition run of 500, signed and numbered also comes with certificate of authenticity. If you are interested in purchasing please pm me. Also when the pre-sale begins can i please ask you a favor? Will you share my post as many places possible?? I need help getting the word out! Thanks guys!! 


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Preparing for my Valentines Departure to Florence, Italy where I will study under one of my favorite artists: Michael Hussar!!!

I feel extremely lucky today... I managed to pull this together and I can't express how excited I am. Here is a sneak peak picture nabbed from Michael Hussars updates of where I'll be for a weekend of alla prima portrait workshop of PURE BLISS!!! SO EXCITED TO BE A PART OF THIS!! And of course I will be taking tons of photos to share when I return!!! xoxoxoox

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Radio Interview Sept. 13th 6:30pm on

Hey all, I will be on the radio Tues. Sept 13th. at 6:30pm live at promoting myself as an artist and chatting with Dj Rejj Smooth. We'll be discussing Sikink's opening, possibly giving away some specials on tattoos to all those who listen in, as well as giving mention to Comikaze expo. Chat rooms will be open to all who log in and join I'll be updating throughout the week on facebook and Twitter for all those interested in listing in. Stay tuned by joining me on facebook:  
or Twitter